Message from Chairman

Ever since its incorporation, iVM Group Sdn Bhd with tagline “Where Solution Are Given” has grown from strength to strength, consistently achieving development and growth in all aspect and successfully created a mutually beneficial ecosystem for all participating parties and focus on innovation, quality, integrity and the formation of productive synergy between all its strategic partners and corporate client.

The company has a team of experienced and capable senior management who are absolutely driven in achieving all of the company’s business objective, from facilitation of business operations, factory productions to organisational management. In addition, The Company’s management as well as its skilled work force have established and implemented an effective system to ensure all business operations are accomplished and conducted efficiently.

We have always believed that we have to change faster than the changes in the world to improve company competitiveness. We have increased our production capabilities by more than 50%. This enabled us to be able to meet our new and existing clients’ requirement. Overall, it has been a fruitful year for The Company.

We are striving for sustainable growth and build on our remarkable successes in the past few year. With the passion to grow and constant commitment from our entire organization, I’m sure that The Company business model and innovative strategies will continue to ensure scalability and the generation of sustainable for strategic partners.

Message from CEO

I Appreciate your visit to iVM Group Sdn Bhd.

“Always Getting Ready” 25 hours/8 days a week to reach all missions. Here is a picture of our business which comprises of various categories of leaders who are among the best.

“Where Solutions Are Given”. We are confident of our team’s ability to have a high impact on socio-economic development in Malaysia and abroad. We are ready to provide world-class products and services to meet current market demands.

I wish to share our company’s vision and mission in helping to realize your dreams and needs.
As part of society and social responsibilities, we are ready to provide the best solutions to the challenges in helping to reduce the problems in the social business concept.

We strongly believe that the products and services produced will give the best solution in facing economic challenges in the future.

As part of our objectives, we aim to provide world class products and services and mutually rewarding performance-based to strategic partners, clients and agencies member.

To this end, we have developed a concrete system known as iVM Group of Companies.

We are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our consumers and behaving responsibly, striving for quality in everything we do, through continuous improvement, and leveraging diversity across the iVM Group.

We believe that the “iVM Group way” with consumers at the heart of all we do, is the right approach to enhancing corporate value in the mid- to long-term and delivering maximum results for all stakeholder groups.

With the system as a guide, the entire iVM Group strives to fulfill our responsibilities to the best of our abilities, in all that we do.

Last but not least, at iVM Group, our team is ever ready to generate ideas, develop new systems in order to provide great opportunities to new industry players to strengthen their foothold locally and expand globally.

“Think beyond the frame of probable outcomes”

I believe, the key to successful thinking is to think differently. And to think differently is to think beyond the frame of probable outcomes.

And that concludes my speech and thank you for your continuous support.