A Star Is Reborn

MOFAZ Group hosted an exclusive gala dinner celebrating 42 years of its journey.

Held at the One World Hotel on Thursday night February the 20th, MOFAZ Group welcomed well over 1500 guests to the evening including iVM Group.

The event was a great opportunity for a sophisticated evening and a MOFAZ representative said,"The gala dinner was a great event and really well supported with in attendance. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time and are looking forward to future events".

Neat and Clean in The Halal Scene

Malaysians are now able to opt not only for safe and clean daily personal care and feminine protection products, buat as well as JAKIM Halal certified ones. Such products include diapers ranging from toddlers and to adults and sanitary pads.

An MoU was ratified between internationally operating Bio Integrasi Sdn Bhd and iVM Group Sdn Bhd. This collaboration will increase the growth of Malaysia's halal market and is expected to contribute to global growth.

Perform Umrah and Hajj with Zahazan Travel and Tours

A Memorandum of Understanding was ratified between iVMicropay Sdn Bhd and Zahazan Travel and Tours on January the 28th, 2020.

The cooperation is expected to benefit thousands of pilgrims through Virtual Ventures Link that grants applicants travel packages at a practical value and a chance to perform the Fifth Pillar of Islam with Datuk Dr. Haji Zahazan Mohamed.

The ratification was done by Dato' Muhamad Taufiq Iskandar and Dr. Haji Zahazan Mohamed, witnessed by CEO of iVM Group Sdn Bhd, Nur Khairil Salim Effendi.

Proton Goes Roar with iVMicropay Sdn Bhd

A Memorandum of Understanding was inked between iVMicropay Sdn Bhd and Didi Motors Sdn Bhd, a Proton dealership company based in Tanjung Malim,Perak. The ceremony was held at Proton Sports Complex, Tanjung Malim on January the 19th, 2020.

Witnessing the historic ceremony were Chairman of iVM Group Sdn Bhd, Dato' Mohd Zamri Abdul Hamid, President of ASEAN Chamber of Commerce, Dato' Moehamad Izat Emir and Mr Mohd Yusmar Omar, President of Kesatuan Pekerja-Pekerja Proton Tanjung Malim Sdn Bhd.

Establishment of Dewan Usahawan e-Dagang (DUED)

The formation of Dewan Usahawan e-Dagang (DUED) took place at Wisma MOFAZ in Damansara. The establishment is also known as E-Commerce Entrepreneur Chamber (ECEC) acting as a networking and business opportunity platform for young entrepreneurs. Indirectly, the chamber also serves as a youth development think tank, where through collaboration of members, new development initiatives could be developed.

The initiation of DUED was officiated by its Chairman, Dato' Mohd Zamri. Special thanks to Mr. Hakimi Harun and his team at MOFAZ for location sponsorship.

Commencement of Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) at Universiti Utara Malaysia

Be Your Own Boss by iVM Group was successfully held at Univeriti Utara Malaysia on December 2019. BYOB is a business readiness preparatory program for undergraduates created to instill proper business thinking. Loads of business idea-based activities were carried out to demonstrate business planning and precise decision making. We thank Universiti Utara Malaysia for their invitation and hospitality.

iVMGSB-UUM: A Vision Worth Pursuing For

iVM and UUM collaborate to launch a major initiative to smooth the way for UUM undergraduates to get their hands on full-fledged business. This iniative will also involve some key industrial players from various industry backgrounds to help and guide undergraduates to form and develop their own enterprises as well as imparting their know-how of navigating business in actual industry

Goodness of Organic Juice On the Go

El-Safiyya is now on board with iVM with their signature Georgian organic pomegranate juice. Besides than the nutrient jam-packed super fruit beverage, El-Safiyya also comes with the all original Arabica Coffee, Narcafe and vegetable-based Phytonutrients variants to add to the list. Demand for healthy and organic beverage has been on the rise as an alternative to pre-medication treatment as Malaysians are now getting aware of the threats posed by consuming junk foods and inactive lifestyle.

iVM Loads Up With Halal Oral Healthcare Products

2019 has shown its premises as a productive year and this time iVM strikes a deal with oral healthcare provider, NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd with its brand, MISMIS. Oral healthcare halal status has been one of the main issues for international market specifically the Muslim consumers. With this cooperation, iVM is able to vary its line of product trading internationally offering halal guaranteed items.

iVM Group Witnesses Joint Effort of Asean Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) at PWTC

The MCTE 2019 was organized by The Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia and the Guangzhou Convention & Exhibition Service Centre Co. Ltd. recently on 7th to 9th November 2019.

Some of the highlights of partnership are Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, 5G and laser technology.

Malaysia will be working closely with China in technology advancement that has been shown progressively fast by the Red Dragon.

iVM Group Partners DuyongMas to Supply Palm Cooking Oil to Southern Asia

iVM Group inked MoU with Maximum Strategy Sdn Bhd in a bid to penetrate South Asian market. The partnership will give added strength to iVM Group as a powerhouse of marketing and network to many Malaysian SMEs that are aiming for a larger marketing niches. While Maximum Strategy will gain full consultancy support and a vast chain of network at their full clearance and an opportunity of international trading.

The "golden nymph" DuyongMas will complement the ongoing efforts of the "mighty eagle" Helang Gagah Group that is currently in preparation for Russian market.

iVM Group and UHTT to amp up Malaysian tourism

Tourism in Malaysia is about to get more exciting with Universal Holidays Travel and Tours (UHTT)- an international travel agency that includes luxurious travel packages in their service line. The move was taken to cater growing demand for lavish and extravagant travel experience for Middle Eastern countries notably from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

iVM Group Presents Malaysian University Entrepreneur Program (MUEPro) to MOHE

iVM Group were invited by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to share insights on strategies to curb high unemployment rate among Malaysian graduates by proposing MUEPro- an entrepreneur development program specifically designed for university graduates that offers different lines of business ventures from various industries that iVM Group are involved in.

An invitation we were more than happy to fulfill. It was a proudful moment to collaborate with dedicated educators. After all, we share common concern of today's youths. And we are proud to be given such a priceless opportunity in developing future leaders of our nation.

Trade Mission To Qatar

Trade expansion has never been bigger and better for iVM Group on the platform of Asean Chamber of Commerce. A delegation was sent for multiple business matching events including with Taleb Group, Qatar Business Incubation Center and Al-Qamra Holdings.

This is in light of strengthening halal trade relationship with Qatar Chamber of Commerce where iVM Group was also appointed as a member of the prestigious association.

Immense gratitude to Consulate General of Malaysia and MATRADE for easing this trade mission.

Volga Investment Summit and World Halal Day Post Event Press Release

What happens if you went abroad and brought back new potential business deal and insights? That's right, you share it at a press release. On 17 October 2019, Wisma MOFAZ held a press release to enlighten fellow entrepreneurs of new halal market opportunities in Russia waiting to be explored.

Included at the event who shared some insights were, Dato' Mohd Zamri (iVM Group Chairman) and Mr. Hakimi (Co-founder). Also present, Mr. Nur Khairil (CEO of iVM Group Sdn Bhd) and Dato' Mohd Yazid (CEO of iVMicropay Sdn Bhd).

Have a take a look at the press release.

Marat Kabaev Attends Volga Investment Summit and World Halal Day 2019, Samara, Russia. iVM Group Honorably Invited. 

iVM Group was honorably invited by Marat Kabaev, Head of International Association of Islamic Business (IAIB), Russia's sole halal industry administrating NGO to Volga Investment Summit and the debut of World Halal Day.

Valuable insights and experience were gained throughout the three-day program that started from 3-5 October 2019. Some strategic partnerships were also attained.

Pre-Volga Investment Summit and World Halal Day 2019 MoU

Prior to Volga Investment Summit and World Halal Day 2019, iVM Group of Companies together with Helang Gagah Group Sdn Bhd signed an MoU witnessed by CEO of iVM International.

Helang Gagah with its signature IV60 cooking oil product, Lesong will soon be on its way to Russia. With one of highest cooking oil grades in its arsenal, it is hard to see the company not bagging in positive growth and revenue.

iVM Group and 100 Top Young CEO- An Award Worth Achieving

iVM Group of Companies once again marked its name to glory ensuing the award of 100 Top Young CEO to Nur Khairil Salim Effendi for his effort in educating and developing business trend setters.

The event was held on August 13, 2019 at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

iVM Group member of ASEAN Chamber of Commerce (ACC)

The iVM Group of Companies went one step further when it became a member of the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce.

The handover of the membership form was held on July 24th to ACC president Dato 'Moehamad Izat Emir at his office.

This ACC platform enables iVM Group to expand its wings to 10 ASEAN countries.

Strategic Partner iVM-MOFAZ

On July 23rd, MOFAZ Group of Companies has agreed to be a Strategic Partner of iVM Group of Companies focusing on marketing Honda, Mercedes Benz and Recon cars.

The historic event was held at MOFAZ Headquater with a strong entrepreneurial spirit between both parties.

According to Tan Sri Haji Mohamed Fauzy, President of MOFAZ, "this collaboration will enable MOFAZ to remain strong in the market for another 50 years".

MOU between MOFAZ Group and International Association of Islamic Business (IAIB) (13th July 2019)

iVM Group has been invited to become a special guest to witness the historic signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MOFAZ Group and the International Association of Islamic Business (IAIB).

MOFAZ Group is represented by its president Haji Mohamed Fauzy Abdul Hamid, while IAIB by its chairman Mr. Marat Kabaev from Russia.

The collaboration between these two parties is the result of the efforts of the president of ASEAN Chamber of Commerce, Dato' Moehamad Izat Emir.

iVM Group was represented by Dato' Mohd Zamri (Chairman), Mr. Nur Khairil (iVM Group CEO), Dato' Mohd Yazid (CEO iVMicropay) and Encik Mohammad (CFO).

iVM Group visited AIRA Residence (8th May 2019)

AIRA Residence is a development of high investment value brought to you by Selangor Properties Berhad, designed and built with the lifestyle needs and desires of elite high-net-worth individuals in mind. Conceived by an award-winning design team consisting of Piet Boon, Franklin Po and Alen Nikolovski, customisable to suit your artistic tastes, and complemented by a variety of features and facilities, AIRA Residence is the paragon of luxury living in Kuala Lumpur. With 154 exclusive units of lifestyle excellence now released, AIRA Residence is a prestigious enclave of comfort and serenity conveniently located on Jalan Batai in Damansara Heights, Malaysia’s most sought-after residential and commercial address.

Category: Virtual Ventures Link (Property) 

THE ONE AWARDS(Malaysia Outstanding National Entrepreneurs Awards 2018)

Category: Online Business Winner: Dato' Mohd Zamri Haji Abdul Hamid

Training & Event : International Digital Entrepreneur Academy (iDEA)

MOU Ceremony between iVM Group Sdn Bhd and PKB Hotel Management and Services Sdn Bhd on MSS Programme. (15 October 2018, Adya Hotel, Langkawi)

FEEL Airways Soft Launch Ceremony on 3rd Nov 2018

iDEA Programme with students of Kuala Nerang MARA Matriculation College on 12th Nov 2018