iVMPay is an electronic payment solution provider to allow users to pay fares electronically with their bank debit or credit card through contactless technology.  With this initiative, the electronic payment system would be universal, in that it would be used on all buses, that is, the user would not have to buy a payment card for each route. iVMPay ensures payments that is secure, reliable, fast and simple. With our team’s years of experience in the consultancy industry, we provide consultancy services in the development, management, financial, business growth and strategy.


Virtual Pay is a superb e-wallet and multifunction payment which you can use to pay without the hassle of using physical cash. We offering’s span from allowing it’s users to make payments (send, receive and spend money, manage finances, choose a suitable insurance scheme, hail a cab, health maintenance, or even order in from a favorite restaurant and more.
Let’s you enjoy the convenience of a cashless lifestyle regardless of your whereabouts.

Now! Say goodbye to cash. Welcome to the Cashless World.

Digital Property for all ePayGateway & e-Wallet system liquidity

We are a full Services of Digital Property for Digital Payment Provider providing API & entire system to your web & Apps, Design and develop Applications, Payment Solutions, and more

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After three years of research & development(R&D), now we operating as Malaysia First & only largest wallet exchange, we at iVMTech offer the technology and experience behind this exchange as a Digital Property Exchange Solution to the world. In this revolutionary industry, we remove the complexity around exchange deployment and take care of managing the technical infrastructure needed to keep a digital wallet exchange operating smoothly and securely, so that you can focus on building your brand, and your strategy, in your region. A partnership with iVMTech will give you access to the industry’s leading liquidity pools and know-how to you get up and running quickly and efficiently with a secure, competitive advantage. By continually developing and refining our products, we provide our partners with the best possible tools and services to generate revenue in this ever-expanding global marketplace. Partner with us today to create the future of digital wallets exchanges


What is an e-Wallet? An e-Wallet, sometimes called a digital wallet / mobile wallet , is a secure place that contains one or more currency purse. Your shoppers can fund an e-Wallet in several different ways. Once funded, shoppers can use e-Wallets online to buy goods or services. A shopper must register with the provider, and may have to complete a full KYC (Know Your Customer) process before they’re allowed to use an e-Wallet. Some payment service providers have the concept of a verified and unverified e-Wallet account for users who have completed KYC and those who haven’t. Verified shoppers normally have a higher spending limit.