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Feel Airways VIP Member is an opportunity for you to enjoy the lifestyle of an ultra-rich . Our private-flying program is one that you can indulge in and fulfill your endless longing and desire.


Everyone likes to feel special and one of the best aspects is receiving a personal touch of prestige.

Certainly, the flight attendants on an A-380 packed with 840 people are extremely busy. It is completely understandable that they simply do not have time, nor energy, to take a moment to ensure each and every passenger feels as though they are receiving a pleasant experience.

FEEL Airways lets you avoid the ordeal of airport security lines and saves you time.

You don’t have to waste your time and energy by waiting anymore. What a peaceful journey isn’t it?

No extensive security search, no lines of passengers, no silly toiletry regulations.

You are free to carry your baggage without any restriction. Feel the freedom there. Happy travelling at peace of mind.

And, the prestige is endless with a private jet charter.