DR.V is a fuel additive developed to help consumers obtain high quality fuel at low cost. DR.V treats & improves the quality of fuel and consists of 55% palm oil + 45% of 18 components-  a formula developed for over two decades in Germany. DR.V is a premium fuel additive for petrol and diesel engines.

The Advantages Of Dr.V :

  1. Saves Fuel Expenses More Than 55%
  2. Upgrades Petrol Quality from RON95 To RON97
  3. Upgrades Diesel Quality from EURO3 To EURO5
  4. Increases Acceleration Power
  5. Engine Starts Easily
  6. Cools And Silences Engine
  7. Capable Of Treating Engine Trouble
  8. Prolongs Engine Life
  9. Prolongs Lubricant Exchange Period
  10. Decreases Carbon Emission